Fourth of July patriotic decorating ideas

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Fourth of July weekend is almost here and you have probably planned a nice picnic or a great party at home. If you haven’t managed yet how to decorate your place in honor of Memorial day check out these amazing ideas. Some easy, fun and cute ways to create your own patriotic decorations without spending lots of money. So grab your crafts materials and let’s get your home ready for this Fourth of July.

Tin Can Windsocks:

Fourth of July Tin Can Windsocks

Combine recycling with decorating and you will get wonderful results such as these Tin Can Windsocks. It’s the perfect inspiration for your Fourth of July decoration and they will look really great hanging on your porch. Find out here how to create these fun decorations in no time and with the cans you have at home instead of throwing them away. It’s such a fun activity to do with children during the Fourth of July weekend!

Fourth of July Pinwheels:

Fourth of July Tin Can Pinwheels

Michael Partenio (

There is nothing cuter in summer than pinwheels! These decorations scream good weather and fun. And they are so easy to make at home! Just follow the Good House Keeping instructions and you will be able to decorate your carden with tons of joyful and patriotic pinwheels. By cobining different colors and using the American flag colors you will get creative decorative details.

Star-Spangled Candles:

Fourth of July Tin Can Candles

Miki Duisterhof/Getty Images

If you are planning to host a dinner party this Fourth of July candles are a must! Try to decorate some white simple candles with blue and red star stickers and you will get fabulous decorations for your dinner table. Choose different sizes of candles and don’t put too many stars. You can also try with red or blue candles and white stars. Let’s get creative!

Patriotic hanger:

Fourth of July Tin Can Hanger

This is the perfect decoration if you are planning to do a barbecue in your backyard on the Fourth of July! Besides, it is also very fun to do with children! And so easy! Just tie some blue, white and red strips from a wire and it will have a great effect during your barbecue with the wind. Check out here the instructions to create this nice Memorial day decoration.

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