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Customer service is essential for the good functioning of a company. For instance, in the fashion industry customer service is the basis of a good relationship between the client and the company, and even for the image of the brand. That is why the website provides all the contact information of the most important companies and brands of the fashion industry. It is a way to find easily and fast the customer service phone numbers you might need some day.

For example, if you need to contact a company after purchasing one of their items online, because you haven’t received your order or it isn’t the right one, you can always look up the customer service phone number at All your fashion problems can be solved by contacting the brand directly, and it is as easy as typing a search with the brand, store or company’s name and letting offer you all the required information. From store location, to costumer service phone number and contact information from specific departments, such as the one reserved for press workers or job offers. is well aware that customer service is the most important thing if a company or a brand wants to improve its relationships withe their costumers. If a specific company haa a great product but when a problem comes or a customer requests something, it doesn’t know how to act or you doesn’t provide an efficient solution and a polite service, the brand will definitely loose its clients. Nobody likes to be treated badly or not receiving an answer to a request or a solution to a problem. When a customer purchases a company’s services or products he is trusting the brand to provide him a good quality but also a good experience and relationship with its workers.

Making easier for the customer to find the contact information he is looking for and requires to solve its problem is what does. And this is the first step to having a good relationship with a brand. not only provides comunication between clients and companies, but also explains to the users what numbers they have to call to for every specific request. For instance, if you had a problem purchasing an item online, will give you the online staff contact information.

Find every customer service phone number you might need at and the keys to a good customer service:

According to Harvard Business Review one of the most important things to acquire customer loyalty consists in reducing the effort he has to make to get to the products or services the brand or company is selling him. Or the effort in any kind of process, for that matter. Simplicity in all kinds of operations is a must-have for a customer. Companies need to stop adding difficulties to the clients shopping experiences and making those processes as easy and as fast as possible.

That is something has noticed and has apply to its own service. Making easy for the users of the website to find the information that they are looking for in no time and with all the details. Explaining where to call for each kind of request to contact directly with the department they want to reach. Besides, provides phone numbers that have a free cost policy, so you can solve your poblems and questions without paying an extra fee on your phone bill.

In addition to all that, the telephone directory offered by this website has a long list companies, not only in the fashion industry. From health insurance companies such as Asisa, to hospitals and drugstores, and repair services such as electricians or plumbers; you can find all the contact information you need. It has also phone numbers, location and opening hours from public organisms, or stores and supermarkets.

Imagine you suddenly feel sick in the middle of the night and you don’t know who to call or where to go. provides all the information form the nearest doctors, health centers or hospitals, and drugstores for you to call or just go. It is quite a useful service for when an emergency occurs. The power at your home might go out in the middle of the night and you will probably need to call you insurance company, but you don’t have the number or you don’t know where you left it. has all the answers.

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